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Stewardship and education of the San Juan River through cross cultural adventure and discovery. 40+ YEARS RIVER RUNNING EXPERIENCE

The San Juan wilderness invites you to get your feet wet! Make a big splash, organize a family hike, have a group picnic, or tell tall tales under the full moon. We’re here to encourage you, to help you enjoy everything happening around you.

Tsé Kooh Outfitters was founded with respect and acknowledgment to the fact that we are fortunate to be able to operate on the ancestral indigenous lands of the Hope Tribe, Navajo Nation, Pueblo of Zuni, Ute Indian Tribe, and the Ute Mountain Tribe. These lands and this river are sacred and to be treated with the highest level of respect, Tsé Kooh Outfitters provides cross-cultural San Juan experiences centered around the stewardship of a uniquely fragile ecosystem.

Tsé Kooh, pronounced “Say Koh,” meaning Rock Canyon in Diné, has a crew with more than 40 years of San Juan boating expertise and knowledge. We’re excited to introduce you to its clear pools, fern glens, ancient ruins, fossils, and petroglyphs. You choose your level of involvement. Oar-powered rafts are available if you want our seasoned river runners to handle the rowing. Prefer a more active experience? You can be part of the crew on our paddle rafts or negotiate the river currents in an inflatable kayak.

Every member of our team is an expert guide with a Utah Boatman’s license, trained in first aid and CPR. That’s just the start of their qualifications. What makes our team special is the extra knowledge they bring to each trip with backgrounds in geology, anthropology, biology, and their willingness to share their favorite hiking spots with you. Perhaps their greatest expertise is making you feel like part of the gang. Whether you visit with us three days or more, you’ll return home with lasting friendships.

Come ride the river with us. If you’re seeking excitement, we’re heading in your direction.


Cody Little

I’ll never forget my first San Juan River Trip with Adventure Discovery Tours. I was 8, soloed an inflatable canoe called a Duckie for approximately four miles before wrapping it around a strainer at the point of an island! We still have the Duckie, the island is still there and I’m not going anywhere!

Twenty eight years later and the silty water of the San Juan River flows through my veins just like it does down its meandering path to Lake Powell. The legacy of Adventure Discovery Tours continues with its own homegrown “boy”. Tsé Kooh Outfitters is honored to take the torch from Mr. Jene Vredevoogd and continue the stewardship and education of the San Juan River.

Tsé Kooh Outfitter is my dream come true. I’ve worked hard to be able to provide visitors a unique guided experience down the San Juan River. My experiences on the San Juan River have been unique, humbling and rewarding. In the past, Adventure Discovery provided opportunities for folks whose health issues might prevent them from experiencing a river trip. Those years proved to be humbling and character building. They allowed me to connect with and learn from the people who know this land the best–the Native Americans.

After 28 years, I’m even more dedicated to the stewardship of a rare American southwest river, the noteworthy cultures that call this area home, and a company that helped shape me into the person I am today.

A river trip with Tsé Kooh Outfitters offers a one-off San Juan River experience, a chance to unplug, stick your feet in the sand and enjoy life on San Juan River time!

Marcus-Buck-600 Image

Marcus Buck

Tsé Kooh Outfitters would never have pushed off from the beach if it was not for one particular individual, Marcus Buck. With decades of professional experience, fifty-five thousand plus river miles, and born from and raised from the Sacred Lands we float on, there’s a reason we call him “The Living Legend of the Ol’ San Juan.” We write songs in his honor and watch him row his river poetry in motion!

Owner Cody heard about Marcus Buck when he was around 16. Marcus Buck, born as Bitter Water born for Folded Arms, Water Edge, and Toering Clans has worked harder than anyone to be able to call himself a guide of A San Juan River Dream. Ahé hee Ak’éï Ánaai. Everyone on the San Juan knew of him. He was the first Diné boatman and carried a giant Ka-Bar. Cody had to meet him.

His chance came one early morning during the usual boatman KC pit stop. Cody was looking for a spam and egg burrito but was told they were out. Just then, Marcus Buck walks in and without question is handed a breakfast burrito. Everyone looked at Cody to see what he would say, “I’m not a Diné River Prince and that’s a beautiful Spam and egg burrito.” Everyone roared with laughter and from that morning on the dream of Tsé Kooh Outfitters was set in motion.

We are honored that Tsé Kooh Outfitters is able to offer visitors of the San Juan River and Navajo Nation, a truly homegrown cross-cultural experience.

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Don Keller

(BS Engineering, UCLA; MA Anthropology, SUNY Binghamton)

Don has engaged in field expeditions and archaeological studies on the Colorado Plateau and desert Southwest since the mid-1970s, joining the Museum of Northern Arizona after Peace Corps service and graduate school. Interests include landscape analysis and prehistoric settlement patterning, architectural and topographic mapping, and field and darkroom photography. Valued projects include the Alton coalfield and upper Escalante River canyon surveys, the Cedar Mesa Project, Grand Canyon excavations, Walnut Canyon and Wupatki National Monument mapping and photography, and mapping projects in the Verde Valley. These experiences with regional histories and landscapes, and a long love of wilderness guiding and river running, are the foundation of Don’s years of leadership in regional outdoor education programs. Don is a licensed river guide with extensive experience on the San Juan, Green River, and Colorado rivers as well as piloting on Lake Powell, and holds Wilderness First Responder certification. He is a member of the Museum of Northern Arizona Research Associate program.

Kim Whitley

In The Wind in the Willows the river rat patiently instructs Mr. Mole in the ways of the river, “There is nothing–absolutely nothing–half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”  I couldn’t agree more!

I have more than a decades’ experience on rivers across the United States but the San Juan will always be my pick for it’s mix of wildlife, stunning vistas, human artifacts, and fern covered grottos. Every member of our crew has a unique knowledge and skill-set. With my biology background, I’m most adept at natural history interpretation. My years on the river mean you’ll be camping with a capable guide who can prep an awesome enchilada bake. I love meeting new people, learning new camp games, and hitting the strings on my old banjo.

Each trip brings a new set of fascinating characters and challenges to overcome. I can’t wait to meet you and mess around in boats together!

Jef Funch

From Sedona/ Paradise Valley Arizona

Jef has been working in the Grand Canyon back-country for ten years, with several years as a raft guide across Southern Utah and Arizona. He has been featured in Arizona Highways among multiple other magazines for his first descents within the Southwest. His entrepreneurial drive lead him to start the first down river paddle board company on the Verde River. If anyone knows the in’s and out’s of a river, it’s Jef!

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