Welcome To Tsé Kooh Outfitters!

Stewardship And Education Of The San Juan River Through Cross Cultural Adventure And Discovery.
40+ Years River Running Experience

The San Juan wilderness invites you to get your feet wet! Make a big splash, organize a family hike, have a group picnic, or tell tall tales under the full moon. We’re here to encourage you, to help you enjoy everything happening around you.

Tsé Kooh Outfitters was founded with respect and acknowledgment to the fact that we are fortunate to be able to operate on the ancestral indigenous lands of the Hope Tribe, Navajo Nation, Pueblo of Zuni, Ute Indian Tribe, and the Ute Mountain Tribe. These lands and this river are sacred and to be treated with the highest level of respect, Tsé Kooh Outfitters provides cross-cultural San Juan experiences centered around the stewardship of a uniquely fragile ecosystem.

Tsé Kooh, pronounced “Say Koh,” meaning Rock Canyon in Diné, has a crew with more than 40 years of San Juan boating expertise and knowledge. We’re excited to introduce you to its clear pools, fern glens, ancient ruins, fossils, and petroglyphs. You choose your level of involvement. Oar-powered rafts are available if you want our seasoned river runners to handle the rowing. Prefer a more active experience? You can be part of the crew on our paddle rafts or negotiate the river currents in an inflatable kayak.

Come ride the river with us. If you’re seeking excitement, we’re heading in your direction.
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Cody Little
Cody Little
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