Took a 3 day trip and was the best time ever. Cody, Marcus and Jeff were great and took care of everything from meals that were amazing to showing us amazing ruins that nobody else has access too. I highly recommend booking thru them if you want to have the best experience possible

Donny C

A lifetime memory of an amazing river trip with family and friends. Cody, Marcus and Jef are the bomb! What a experience on the San Juan River. The history, hikes, float, food, and outdoor magic of this river and canyon will be forever in my heart. I can not say enough about Tse’ Kooh Outfitters. One of the best times of my life.

Cindi K

July 16,17,18. David and I took a float trip with Cody, Marquis, and Jeff. It’s a amazing, the canyon landscape it’s so beautiful, the guides are knowledgeable and of the rich and ancient history of this area. Not just a floating a river its hiking to hidden rock carvings and pueblos high on rock cliffs.
And seeing the wildlife mule deer big horn sheep, to the abundance of catfish in the river. It’s a true outdoor adventure, with camping riverside, the amazing menu options these this company spares no expense on taking care of the clients, these is a trip everyone should experience at least once.!
We cant wait to to take another trip with Tse Kook.
You guys rock.!!!

Della S

We take our 8th grade students on the San Juan River each May. Cody, Kim and Marcus are amazing with the kids. They make the trip memorable and safe, always. I highly recommend this outfitter!

Jessica S

How many times do you come back from a trip like this and think, I need to step up my kitchen game? How many times do you think after a trip like this I just made 14 new friends? How ’bout if that dude ever needs anything, he can call me and I will drop whatever I am doing to go give him a hand, or even, I could call him if I ever was in a jam? We didn’t just have a weekend of seeing the sights; we experienced the sites, with the deserved respect and reverence, and we were educated. If life is a collection of experiences, we just filled a whole chapter of the book this weekend. Thanks Cody! This isn’t a cookie cutter operation with hired hands for the summer. This is the real deal from a spectular dude who lives it and cares.

Shiner T
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